Woody Island Station Environmental Remediation

Woody Island Station Environmental Remediation

Woody Island, Alaska

The Woody Island Radio Range Station (RRS) is a former Civil Aeronautics Administration navigation facility that was constructed during World War II (1941). Manned Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) operations at Woody Island ended in 1973, when FAA-owned land and most buildings were transferred to the Woody Island Tribal Council. The FAA currently maintains five unmanned facilities on Woody Island including a VOR Station and/or Tactical Air Navigation, non-directional beacon, Remote Communications Air/Ground (RCAG), Direction Finder (DF), and a Shop building.

Through previous investigative efforts, the FAA determined a need for the removal of debris and contaminated soil located in three separate areas of concern.

As a preferred contractor for the FAA, Ahtna Global was contracted to perform the following activities to accomplish FAA’s cleanup mission.

  • Removal and disposal of debris (batteries, electrical components, concrete, scrap steel, cables, furniture, and drums with non-hazardous content) located at the former dump site near the Communications Tower.
  • Excavation, stockpiling, characterization, and disposal of 600 cubic yards of contaminated soil from the former dump site. Dump materials included RCRA lead soils, TSCA PCB soils, asbestos contaminated soils, and non-hazardous soils.
  • Removal and disposal of the DF and associated infrastructure near the active RCAG.
  • Collection of soil samples from the former north drum area at the VOR site to determine onsite contaminants.