Inouye Regional Center (IRC) Facilities Operational and Maintenance

Inouye Regional Center (IRC) Facilities Operational and Maintenance

Honolulu, Hawaii

The IRC site has four major buildings and three minor structures on-site that range in complexity netting approximately 360,000 square feet.  For this project, Ahtna is providing operations, maintenance, repair and emergency service of all the IRC facilities, collateral equipment, and other facility efforts with minimum disruptions of the facilities occupants and users of the facility. Under this contract the following scope of work is being completed:

  • Operate and ensure operational effectiveness of all facility physical plant equipment, building systems, and facility systems to ensure daily operation/availability of the IRC for all NOAA personnel and programs
  • Maintain IRC buildings and facilities in an operable and safe condition for daily use by NOAA personnel and programs
  • Provide maximum comfort for building occupants by operating the heating and cooling systems in the most overall energy efficient and economical manner and with minimal disruptions of tenant activities
  • Provide recommendation to improve operating efficiency of mechanical equipment (HVAC, chillers, cooling towers, etc.) whenever there is a drop in performance
  • Apply preventive maintenance plans and procedures to reduce chances of premature equipment failures
  • Provide for periodic inspection of building systems to avoid emergence breakdown situations
  • Provide environmental management support to ensure regulatory compliance

Tasks Self-Performed:

All HVAC, PCU, electrical, mechanical and plumbing routine maintenance, painting, carpentry for interior building repair, and sewage lift stations.